The Monthly Assignment


Our monthly assignment is designed to give the members of the club a little task to work on over the period of one month with the hope that it may open up new photographic possibilities to us that we might normally overlook. Whenever you are out with your camera taking pictures for whatever reason keep the assignment theme in the back of your mind and look around you for anything that would fit the theme or go out with a specific image in mind and try to capture it..

At the end of the month we ask you to send us the best image you have taken and then we vote on the images to find which ones we, as a club, liked the best. The assignment for the next month is selected randomly from a list of themes previously suggested by the members.

Check out the work from our previous assignments:

November 2020    Autumn

October 2020    Glass

September 2020    Straight Lines

August 2020    Food

July 2020          Wooden

June 2020        Exercise

May 2020          Solitude

April 2020        Distortion at Home

March 2020        Skin

February 2020    Up

January 2020        Plastic

November 2019    In the Bag

October 2019        Anything With Wheels

September 2019  Song Titles

August 2019        Letters

July 2019            Fashion

June 2019          Morning

May 2019            On My Doorstep

April 2019            Work

March 2019         Textures

February 2019     The Colour Red

January 2019        Close Up

November 2018    Social Comment

October 2018        Shadows and Reflections

September 2018  Friends     

August 2018        Restricted

July 2018            Parks and Gardens

June 2018            Eyes

May 2018             In Flight

April 2018            Blue

March 2018          Buildings

February 2018     In The Kitchen

January 2018       Winter Scenery

November 2017   Surreal Photomontage

October 2017       Movement

September 2017  Abstract

August 2017        Candid

June 2017            Cars

May 2017             Shopping

April 2017            Opposites

March 2017          Pairs

February 2017     Fruit

January 2017      Transportation

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The monthly assignment for May 2023 is

Nature’s Moods